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Improvement Location Permit Application
(Revised 02/13/19)

Parcel Number
Owner Name
ILP-Current Property use
Owner's Name and Mailing Address
Owner Name
Mailing Address
911 Address
City, State Zip
Applicant Name
Contact #
Estimated Value of Project $
Estimated Damage
Empty Lot:
Damage Description
Located in Flood Plain
Community Panel#
Structure Details
Type of Structure



Height to Peak
Minimum Setbacks
Max Height

Applicant must provide (if applicable):
Agriculture Sheet
Site Plan
Property Record Card
Other (as requested)
If Other (Provide details)
All ILP's must call for a final inspection to ensure compliance with the White County Zoning Ordinance and receive an official Certificate of Compliance.

I understand that failure to meet the requirements or deviations from what I have submitted as part of my application may be subject to a civil zoning violation investigation. I understand that a civil zoning violation may result in fines according to CH 13 of the White County Zoning Ordinance.

I acknowledge receipt of this information (may be signed by Owner, Builder, or Agent).

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Date (mm-dd-yyyy)
Note: Improvements location permits for parking lot restriping are allowed a total of (2) renewals, at no charge, within a period of 3 years from the date of issuance of the original permit. This renewal applies to a current Improvement Location Permit for a parking lot where the extent of the new work is restricted to restriping only (regardless of the improvements covered by the original permit).

NOTES: 1) All listed setbacks are to PROPERTY LINE or ROAD RIGHT OF WAY, whichever is more restrictive. 2) Setbacks are measured from the foundation to the property line or right-of-way, whichever is most restrictive, when the eave is 16" or less. For eaves greater than 16", setbacks are measured from the edge of the eave to the property line or right-of-way line, whichever is most restrictive. 3) Vacation Homes/Rentals as per CH 14 of the White County Zoning Ordinance are not permitted outside of the AED Zoning District without an approved Special Exception Use in designated zoning district.
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