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Citizen Inquiry/Records Request

In an effort to continuously improve services to the citizens of our county, we are launching a new Electronic Request Processing Solution. You can request services from us by using our website, entering your request on a kiosk in our office, or even visit and interact with staff. Irrespective of your type of request, we provide a transaction reference ID, and provide automatic communications. This new system will make us efficient, responsive to citizen requests, and state of the art by implementing a best practices packaged solution. To submit a request select the appropriate form, fill in all of the information and submit. You will be automatically notified of the progress via e-mails; or you can check the status by clicking on the "Track Your Request" button & putting in your Transaction ID number.  To make a suggestion, ask a question, or let us know about a problem, select the Online Request Form & submit.

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ABC County Clerk

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