Kane County, Illinois

719 Batavia Avenue, Geneva, Illinois 60134 / Phone: 630-232-3400

KIOSK - Kane County, IL.

Request E-Services

Dear Citizens:

In an effort to continuously improve services to the citizens of our county we are launching a new Electronic Request Processing Solution. You can now request services from us by using our website, entering your request on a kiosk in our office or even visit and interact with staff. Irrespective of your type of request we provide a transaction reference and provide automatic communications. This new system will make us efficient, be responsive to citizen requests and become state of the art by implementing a best practices packaged solution. Please feel free to provide feedback and suggestions to make this solution an even better system. Please select the appropriate form, fill in all the key information and submit. You will be automatically notified of the progress via e-mails.

County Official
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Search & View Records

Dear Site Visitors:

In order to make it easy for you to access documents we have launched "Public Document Center". Please search for the documents you need. You can view and print. It is my desire to make it easy for you to use our services. If you have an idea for further improvement please let me know.

County Official
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